Donate to save: an analysis of the intention to donate organs under the perspective of social marketing

Caissa Veloso e Sousa, Jefferson Rodrigues, Lousanne Cavalcanti Barros Resende, Leonardo Benedito Oliveira Rezende



In Brazil there is a growing demand for people requiring organ transplants and, secondly, a low supply of donors. In an attempt to minimize the negative impacts of this system, the government agencies responsible for attracting donors and clarification from the society can use social marketing strategies to communicate with the individuals involved in the process in order to meet social interests and improve the welfare of the population. In this context, this study aimed to identify the main variables which are related to the intention to donate organs. We conducted a survey, in which 511 fully completed surveys were collected. Factor analysis showed best fit with the extraction of four factors: reference groups; attitude; social responsibility and government campaigns. It was identified from the logit regression that gender factor and the attitude were the most important variables for the intention to donate.

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