Investigating the effect of organizational architecture on good governance (case study: Office of the President - Presidential Office)

Yousef Jahanbazi Gojani, Alireza Amirkabiri


The purpose of this research is to examine the impact of organizational architecture on good governance in the presidential office-presidential institution. The statistical population of this research is the number of employees in the presidential office in Tehran with a staff of 750 people. Using the Cochran formula, the sample was 256 people.  The research method is descriptive-survey and is a part of applied research. A standard questionnaire is used to collect data. In this research, SPSS software is used to analyze the data. The results of the analysis of the research data showed that the dimensions of organizational architecture on good governance had a positive and significant effect. In other words, it turned out that the objective architecture, information architecture, application architecture, data and technology architecture have a positive and significant impact on good governance. Finally, suggestions are presented regarding the results obtained.


Organizational Architecture, objective architecture, Information Architecture, Application Architecture, Architecture Data, Technology Architecture, Good Governance

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