Study the effect of advertising effectiveness on the CRM and loyalty with the mediating role of providing the quality of services

Hamid Rasouli, Zahra Shirazian, Hosein Rasuli


Advertising is one of the most significant communication tools for the organizations, especially the financial institutions and the banks. Advertising effectiveness will help understanding the customer recognition; with the ever increase of the competition between banks and the technological advances, the organization will increasingly pay attention to the customers and meeting their needs because this is considered as the biggest competitive advantage for them. The banks are required to fasten on their attention from customer satisfaction to creating loyalty and trust through establishing long-term, bilateral and profitable relationships for both sides; this approach will increase the response time and customer services' quality. This is an applied, descriptive-survey research. The statistical population consists of all of the customers of the Saderat Bank branches in Tehran, whose number is unlimited. The sample size was 384 people based on the Morgan table that were selected by the simple random sampling method. The questionnaire is the data collection tool. To measure the validity, the content validity methods as well as confirmatory factor analysis were used and the Cronbach's alpha and modeling the f structural equations by the Smart PLS software were used to measure the reliability and data analysis, respectively. The results showed that the advertising effectiveness has a positive significant effect on the CRM and loyalty with the mediating role of providing the quality of services in all of the Saderat bank branches in Tehran. The provision of the quality of the services has a positive significant effect on the CRM and their loyalty in all of the Saderat bank branches in Tehran.


Advertising effectiveness; CRM; Customer loyalty; Quality of services

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