Studying the Relationship between the Productivity of Manpower and Strategic Management in Financial Organizations: the Case Study of Tavon Bank

Tayebeh Rahim Dad


The present research has been conducted based on a descriptive-correlative method aiming at studying the effects of strategic management parameters on the productivity of the staff of Tavon Bank. The statistical community of the study comprised 130 people of the staff of the bank who were selected through a straight counting method. The main tools applied for data-collection were the questionnaire of Strategic Management by Goldman (2005), and that of productivity by Hersey and Goldsmith. The validity of the questionnaires was found to be 0.87 upon applying the Cronbach alpha. The data thus gathered were analyzed by the SPSS software and it was found out that in all, employment of strategic management parameters can determine the changes in productivity up to 56 percent. It was also found that the smart opportunism variable had the greatest impact because a one-unit change in this variable can change the productivity up to 0.305 unit.

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