Evaluating the portals of Iran ministries using the Standard WebQEM

Komeil Shahvari


The present study was done to evaluate the quality of portals in Iran ministries using "WebQEM". The research was descriptive and the method was web metrics. The research community is 13 portals of Iran Ministries. The required data was collected using a checklist designed based on a web-based quality evaluation method. Data analysis was performed using SPSS-21 software. After evaluating the main criteria using the Web quality evaluation method and considering the average scores obtained for four main indices, it is concluded that the portals examined had more weaknesses in terms of functionality and usability, which required a closer look. In the case of two indices of reliability and performance, almost all sites had a very good and high score. The designers of these portals should focus on these weaknesses and try to resolve them.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20397/2177-6652/0.v0i0.1662

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