Investigating and Developing Factors Affecting the Engineering Value of the Phase of Construction of Urban Gardens (Case Study of Iranian Gardener in Tehran)

S. Abarghani, A.R. Keshvari, M. Ahmadvand, H. Eghbali


The present study aims to investigate and formulate factors influencing the engineering value of urban construction phases in a Bustan located in Tehran, Iran. First, four main factors of "system management", "characteristics and specifications", "implementing company" and "environmental conditions" were evaluated using questionnaire method among 63 managers and experts, consultant, and contractor of the Iranian Boston Project. Then, factors and criteria were analyzed using descriptive statistics and various tests such as Kolmogorov-Smirnov's Normality Test, Binomial Ratio Test, and Friedman Ranking Test using SPSS software. The results showed that system management with a value of 3.25 has a higher priority than other factors affecting the engineering value of the phase of the construction, and the characteristics of the project with the value of 2.92, the host company with the value of 2.31 and the environmental conditions of the project with the amount of 1.52 are in the order of priority.


Effective Factors, Value Engineering, Construction Phase, Construction Projects, Iranian Gardens.

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