Comparing the effect of price and the effect of brand on industrial lubricants customers’ buying choice

Mohammad Reza Karimi Alavijeh, Seyedeh Sara Fattahi, Marjan Moshfegh


Abstract: The present research was conducted to compare the effects of price and brand on the industrial lubricants’ customers’ buying choice. To this end, 106 industrial lubricants buyer organizations in Tehran, Iran were selected as the population of the research. The sample size was equal to the population due to the accessible and limited number of the organizations. The data were collected using a questionnaire comprising 58 items rated on a 5-point Likert scale. The reliability of the questionnaire was determined and confirmed using Cronbach Alpha and confirmatory factor analysis, respectively.  In total, 74 usable questionnaires were received for data analysis. The results indicated the significant effects of brand and price on buying choice. Further, the effect of perceived quality on buying choice was significant, but far less significant compared to that of price or brand. The effects from customer information on buying choice of industrial lubricants customers was not significant.


Buying choice, brand, price, perceived quality, industrial lubricant.

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