Modeling of the intermediary role of psychological capital in the relationship between organizational trust and job performance in the employees of the north-western departments of Sports and Youths of Iran

Hamza Shamhi, Kourosh Veisi*, Kheidan Hatami, Samira Aliabadi


The purpose of this study was to modeling of the intermediary role of Psychological Capital in the relationship between Organizational Trust and Job Performance in the employees of the north-western departments of Sports and Youths of Iran. This research is considered as an applied descriptive-correlational study. The population of the study included the entire 320 employees of the departments of Sports and Youths located in the north-west of Iran. Among the population, 200 individuals were selected as the sample of study through the application of the stratified random sampling method. The required research data have been also collected through the application of three standard questionnaires of Organizational Trust (Alonen et al., 2008), Job Performance (Paterson, 1970), and Psychological Capital (Luthanz, 2007). It is worthy of mentioning that the validities of the questionnaires were approved by sport management professors and reliability of questionnaires with Cronbach's alpha for the questionnaires of organizational trust, JP, and PC were 0.81, 0.74, and 0.79. For the purpose of analysis of the collected data technics related to descriptive statistics such as abundance tables and diagrams have been used SEM (structural equations modeling), t-tests, and one-way ANOVA were also used in the environments of the SPSS and LISREL software for testing the hypotheses. Results show that OT and JP and OT are related to PC in a positive and statistically significant manner. In addition it was uncovered that OT has influences on the JP of the employees of the departments of Sports and Youths through psychological capital. Additionally, it was found out that there existed no statistically significant relationship between any of demographic features and the main variables of the study.

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