Measuring the Brand Equity of NGO’S in Case of MAHAK (The Organization to Support Children Suffering from Cancer)

Arasb Ahmadian, Manouchehr Ansari, Frederic Bertrand


Brand equity  considered as a cue to make judgments about products and their attributes.  The issue of brand equity has emerged as one of the most crucial topics for customer-based perspectives in marketing management. So this study investigates the relation between brand equity and these four factors at MAHAK. The present research is an applied-descriptive research and the research project is a correlational research of the SEM type. To measure the brand equity of NGOs, MAHAK has been selected, as a case study. The statistical population of this research includes donors of MAHAK. In order to choose participants, random selection was performed among those who have cell phone numbers. From among 610 randomly chosen individuals 310 of them were reluctant to answer and 300 individuals were chosen as statistical population of this research.  For measuring the brand equity, quantitative methods are used, focusing on the quantitative approach.  The results showed that all independent research variables have significant effect on dependent research variable.

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