How social media increase selling trend in clothes industry? (Case study: selling brand clothes named Cotton in Iran via Instagram)

Sima Zomorodian, Yi Lu


Social media changed different aspects of human life. More and more people use this tool for different aims such as make communication, find friends and family members, share the information and idea, and speak about products’ experience and even searching for advice about special brands and goods. Companies have been started to think about the way they can use this tool for advertising and earn more benefits. Although most companies put social media in the top of marketing strategy. The difference in marketing method and strategy which happened recently based on social media makes a big question about the effective method for using this opportunity. The aim of this article is to identify the different variables which have an effect on increase selling brand clothes named Cotton via Instagram in Iran. Instagram has the ability for sharing the photos and it is a big benefit for advertise clothes. Although previous studies have shown interest in social media for making the new strategy, this article aims to focus on increasing the selling process, finding effective variables and ranking them. The results of the survey revealed there are four effective factors on grow selling including social media capability, the power of the brand, marketing strategy, and customer reaction. The result can be useful for the owner of the cotton brand and the strategy designer in the clothes shop to have the better understanding and view of the customer and their behavior and the researcher who wants to do research in this area.

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