An investigation of the indices effective on the development of sport entrepreneurship in Hamadan Province

Mohammad Mohammadi, Bisotoon Azizi


The purpose of the present study was to investigate the indices effective on the development of sport entrepreneurship in the province of Hamadan. This study is a descriptive-survey study and its population is comprised of sports managers and entrepreneurs in addition to the tourism scholars of the province of Hamadan. Through the application of the cluster sampling method, 120 individuals from the entire mentioned fields were selected as the study of the sample. Additionally, methods such as document mining, meta-analysis, exploration and future studying in addition to a researcher-made questionnaire were used for the purpose of data collection. In order to describe the data descriptive statistics were made use of while for the purpose of prioritization of the barriers and contexts of development, the exploratory factor analysis test was prescribed. Nonetheless, the parametric test of independent-t and the nonparametric test of Mann-Whitney were respectively used to test the normally, and abnormally distributed hypotheses. Nevertheless, the sufficiency of sample size was investigated through the KMO test. The results of the Freedman test revealed that there exists a statistically significant difference between average scores of the indices effective on the development of entrepreneurship and employment. According to the prioritization of factors, the lowest average scores were respectively associated with the behavioral (2.73) and the environmental (2.95) indices. Therefore it is concluded that the corresponding managers can initiate joint programs with banks in order to provide the entrepreneur athletes with financial support and an improved state of social security among the owners of sports-related businesses (insurance, bankruptcy and, unemployment). Nevertheless, by the participation of creative sportsmen in the private sector through the social security organization, the mentioned province can be provided with a beneficial support.

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