Critical evaluation of the performance assessment model of Brazilian electricity distribution companies

Ana Lúcia Miranda Lopes, Bruno de Almeida Vilela, Marcelo Azevedo Costa, Edgar Augusto Lanzer


This study presents a critical view of the performance evaluation model of Brazilian distribution service operators(DSOs) conducted in the 4th. Cycle of Periodic Tariff Review (TN 66/2015-SRM/SGT/ANEEL). More mature regulation models were used as parameters for the development of this work, besides the scientific references on the methodology used in Brazil (Data Envelopment Analysis - DEA). Alternative analyzes were developed with the same data used by the regulator to compare the official results and those in this research. The results indicate that measures used by the regulator can be refined through the suggested contributions, among them: removal of variables with zeroed data; inclusion of environmental variables to correct the model; removal of weight restrictions. The results indicate the existence of distortions between theory and other regulation references, and its application in the Brazilian model.


Data Envelopment Analysis; Performance; Regulation of the Electric Sector; Distribution of Energy

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